3M 00973 Hookit 216U Gold 6″ P400A Grit Disc


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Size:6  |  Style:P400

Use for fine featheredging or last final sanding step before priming. Suggested backup pad 3M Hookit Disc Pad, 3 in (PN 05769) with the 3M Hookit Soft Interface Disc Pad, 3 in (PN 05771).

  • A-weight paper backing is ideal for fine power sanding and finishing
  • Aluminum oxide abrasive combines fast cut with long disc life
  • Hookit disc is easy to change and reuse, maximizing utility for the life of the disc
  • Open coat construction provides a more aggressive cut and minimizes dust
  • Load-resistant coating prevents dust and debris from clogging the disc
  • Several versions feature 5- or 6-hole pattern for effective dust evacuation

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