Norton 662611-55376 Dry Ice 6″ P240B Grit PSA Sanding Disc Roll, (100 Discs/Roll)


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Size:6 Inch

Utilizing Norton’s patented SG ceramic grain, Dry Ice offers the customer a faster cutting product that significantly out-produces and outlasts conventional abrasives. A water-based stearate, no-fill coating provides maximum load resistance, further extending the life of the product. The incredible versatility of Norton Dry Ice is perfect for any refinishing job, including those that contain scratch-resistant clears and e-coats, composites and aluminum, eliminating the need for specialty products.

  • Patented SG ceramic grain
  • Unique fiber reinforced latex/paper backing
  • Increased durability extends life of the product
  • Superior cut on abrasion resistant paints and clears
  • Fast cut and long life help to reduce refinishing costs


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